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Timber Lofts / Engberg Anderson Architects / photo ADX Creative
Timber Lofts / Engberg Anderson Architects / photo ADX Creative

Maximize the value of your investment with a wood structure.

The value proposition for wood buildings varies by project and structural system, but elements can include material and construction cost savings, installation speed, and wood’s relative light weight (which can reduce the need for foundation capacity). Wood’s sustainability and carbon-related benefits can also add tangible value—from helping to meet a company’s ESG goals to greater leasability. 

Mass Timber Business Case Studies

Get real information on real deals. Developed collaboratively with Conrad Investment Management and project developers, this WoodWorks case study series examines the financial performance of U.S. projects constructed with mass timber structural systems. Business case studies fill a gap in available information by discussing qualitative influences and providing quantitative data to examine investment success, challenges, and lessons learned on mass timber projects across various building product sub-types.

The Canyons / Kaiser + Path / photo Jeremy Bittermann
The Canyons / Kaiser + Path / photo Jeremy Bittermann

Light-frame projects where cost was a motivating factor.

Optimize the cost and design of your mass timber project.

Cost estimating mass timber systems requires a holistic approach to compare costs and yield savings; a direct comparison of the price of a mass timber structural frame to the price of a steel/concrete frame will not provide an accurate cost comparison. Mass timber has the potential to shave time off construction schedules and has other benefits that can impact overall construction costs. Use these checklists as a guide as you design, estimate, and make cost-related decisions on mass timber projects.

First Tech Federal Credit Union, Hacker, photo Jeremy Bittermann_600x450
First Tech Federal Credit Union / Hacker / photo Jeremy Bittermann

After building this CLT army hotel, Lendlease built three more.

The Candlewood Suites Hotel at Redstone Arsenal was completed 37 percent faster than similar projects.

Candlewood Suites at Redstone Arsenal / Lendlease
Candlewood Suites at Redstone Arsenal / Lendlease

See who’s designing and building innovative wood projects.

Browse projects across the U.S. (and beyond) and connect with their teams through the WoodWorks Innovation Network (WIN). You’ll find a national network of experienced design and construction professionals who have worked with innovative wood technologies such as mass timber.

WoodWorks Innovation Network map preview